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Destination French Wedding Photography



Real film, true presence

I love film photography and a roll of analogue film per wedding as a compliment to my digital captures is a beautiful way to get the best of both worlds...

These images are precious moments, best shot with a 35mm lens.


I have a wide range of analogue cameras, lenses and equipment that originate from way back into the 20th century as well as more contemporary pieces, so let's talk if you'd like just a roll or your entire wedding captured on film.

Using real old film gives you a quality that just doesn't compare. It has texture. It's also the way you shoot with film that makes you slow down and wait for timeless moments; that and the simple magic that happens every time you click the shutter. Film captures a frame that immediately inspires. I see so many photographers imitating analogue film with their digital cameras and editing, I shoot a roll of film at every wedding to compliment my digital galleries. If you want your entire day captures in the truest form of photography, let's talk!

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