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I love shooting, after all these years, I love the captures. When I'm working, I'm looking for the best shots and I'm doing everything I need to get them. Often that means being quiet and unnoticed, others it's helping people feel confident. I love mixing styles, using skills and technique, taking inspiration, using analogue films and digital, photo and video.

I was born in the analogue,

a teen when digital found its feet,

now, I love the spaces in-between










Golden Hour


The quality of light in the South of France is simply unbelievable and never more so than during Golden Hour, although, all the other shades are pretty amazing, too! You need to know the lay of the land and how the sun is going to fall; I've seen plenty of people miss these magic moments for various reasons, so living here is a must. I love capturing all the emotions of the big day and giving you a narrative of how it all unfolds and this special time just before sunset is a great way to let your hair down, just before you hit the dance floor and... let your hair down!

Capturing moments


When I got married I, essentially, floated through the day in a bubble, (and with the benefit of hindsight, when I did make contact with the real world I had my priorities all mixed up!) Looking back through all our wedding photos helped me to truly enjoy what had happened and with whom I was lucky enough to share the big day; not to mention to see how Clémentine got through it all, too. As a photographer, I absolutely treasure the opportunity to give my couples the same priceless narratives. On the day, I shoot with a variety of lenses and look to both tell a story as well as capture singular moments. I don't arrive with preconceived styles or frames in mind. I respond to what's around me. People always ask what kind of photographer and I always see other photographers label themselves in a certain way; as a person, I've always resisted this kind of thing - maybe it's because I'm mixed race with influences from around the world? I couldn't decide on a subject at uni, so I did a half-field degree; I've been a teacher and now I'm freelance; I love playing rugby and can toot along on my trumpet; wedding photography is as important to me as wedding videography - in other words, the way I'm built, I've got the skills and the nature to shoot all your moments and hit the styles you prefer. Please, drop me a line, I'd love to chat with you about your wedding.

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"Matt and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for being part of our wedding day. We felt very comfortable and at ease and were able to enjoy every minute, trusting that the spirit of the day was being captured beautifully."

Ellie & Mat

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