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Clémentine & Mark Ward

We are a husband and wife team. Photography, film, planning, decorations and more. We are here to help you create and capture one of the biggest days of your life! We've got nearly 15 years planning, photographing and filming weddings.

Nothing looks the same, here, because we see every couple and every wedding as unique.

Multicultural and multilingual, we have travelled extensively and worked with couples from around the world.  Every wedding is individual and so every gallery is different. We take your lead - take us as a team or separately!

Find out more about Clémentine in the Planning section, and more about Mark on the Photography and Filmsections. 

awardweddings.fr_Carly and Ben_0940.jpg

"OMG MARK!! Absolutely incredible! The shots are insane"

- Carly & Ben


We'd love to talk...

If you want to talk, we want to listen! Write to us or give us a call... 

Clémentine +33 (0)6 41 69 28 73 

Mark +33(0)6 22 18 42 84

South of France

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"Loved loved loved working with you!!"







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