Couple shoot in the Pyrenees mountains, by Top Destination Wedding Photographer in South West France

If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure, France has incredible scenery to offer. From the coastline, to countryside and mountains you have a wide choice to play with! Today, we are taking you to the Pyrenees mountains in South West of France to share some of our favourite places!

Easy access

The Pyrenees are very easy to access. Fly into Toulouse or Carcassonne and you’ll quickly get to the mountains. Through rolling foothills, secluded lakes and waterfalls the scenery to just getting there is dreamy. Once you get there, you will always find amazing scenery within a short walk; so, if you’re not a keen hiker, you can still get your piece of heaven!

“And for those who are ready for a bit more of an adventure, get your boots on and I’ll follow you! I love hiking in the mountains! We often go there as a family and we know a lot of hidden gems. I’m always more than happy to trek a bit to get the best shots!” Mark says.

Golden hour in the mountains

Can you imagine the light you get at sunshine nestled between southern France and Spain? Now, add an untouched mountain range and you’ll see the real secret of the Pyrenees. Knowing where to go to get an unbroken view to the horizon from the summit of a peak y