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Planning your destination wedding in South of France guide, where to start - by Top Wedding Planner

A guide to set you off in the right direction to plan your wedding in South of France, with information on locations and budgets - written by Top Wedding Planner and Designer in South of France.

Congratulations on your engagement! You are about to embark a thrilling journey of planning your wedding in France!

Yes, it can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start but it’s also so exciting; you should just keep this in mind all along. It’s important to enjoy the planning as much as you’ll enjoy your big day.

As a wedding planner, couples often first contact me after getting inundated with all the information that they receive, with the various quotes, sometimes exuberant; they don’t really know where to start, where to look and how much weddings should cost.

I always respond that weddings should cost what you can afford and they should plan accordingly to their own wishes and requirements. I personally offer a bespoke wedding planning service, tailored to each couple’s needs, so getting a better understanding of what you want is a really important phase.

The main questions that couples should answer are:

  • Where should I get married in France?

  • How much will my wedding cost?

I’ve put together this guide to answer all these key preliminary questions, so you can start in the right direction without wasting precious time. We will look at the following areas:

  • The various areas in the South of France and their differences

  • The different types of venues

  • Time of year to get married

  • Budgeting

  • Wedding Planning support

All the information provided in this guide is based on the solid and relevant experience I’ve built here for nearly ten years, not a generic information you’ll find on any blog.

If you are interested in buying this guide with 11 pages long of content, please email me at to request your copy. The cost is 15€.


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