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Organic neutral wedding in South West France, by Top Destination Wedding Planner

These days I feel like I want neutral, natural and organic decorations, creating a soothing feel. Is it not what we want in these uncertain times?... Being closer to nature, conscious about our environment, using local suppliers and just have a general harmonious styling. This is what we created with this inspiration shoot last summer in a charming Chateau in South West France. The great thing about it is that it works all year round! Whether you're getting married in summer, autumn or winter, it works, especially as it mixes fresh and dry flowers. Here are some photos!!

This is where it starts... in this gorgeous chateau near Toulouse and Carcassonne. Having a ceremony with this background is pretty special isn't it?...

And this inside is just as charming!

This sums up the tones: soft, organic, I just can't get enough of this arrangement, just gorgeous isn't it?!

The ceremony: one venue, three set-ups

I know you've seen this image already but this is just to show you the various ceremony set-ups that we imagined: outdoors with the chateau in the background, inside by the fire place, and a last very intimate one under a very old and majestic tree. This shows you how you can play around with your decorations and venue, you don't have to follow what everybody does all the time.

A relaxed outdoor dinner

Whichever way you look, the scenery is beautiful! Whether it is an old building full of history or the rolling hills, you'll be relaxed in this peaceful environment. We've used natural decorations made of wood and worked with neutral colours and organic flower arrangements.

Organic neutral wedding in French chateau

Here are some close ups on the decorations. We have gone for a neutral, organic and elegant styling. All items are are sourced locally and you can rent them from us as we have a stock of decorations to hire from. It's all sourced with original, unique, antiques pieces from the region.

So we hope that you like this inspiration shoot! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help creating your bug day! We love creating new styles, truly reflecting your personality!

Awardweddings is a husband and wife team creating magic for your destination wedding in France. Clémentine is a destination wedding planner and stylist, whilst Mark is a destination wedding photographer and film maker. Find out more on our website


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