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Autumnal wedding in South West France, by Top Wedding Stylist

Autumn is such a gorgeous season with its warm colours, it really gives a magical feel to a wedding. The weather is still pleasant in South West France so it is a perfect season to get married! Here is some inspiration for Autumnal weddings in South West France. All styling, planning and photography done by Clémentine, stylist and planner, and Mark, photographer, Ward from Awardweddings.

Organic, boho wedding near Toulouse

Let's start with this relaxed organic boho wedding in a gorgeous old abbey near Toulouse. Greenery, pampa grass and some touches of light red, we just love this look for a Rock'n'roll bride! For dinner, tables had tens of pillar candles and brass candlesticks, it was just magical!

Intimate city wedding in fantastic villa in Bordeaux

This villa in the centre of Bordeaux was just fantastic. The couple chose a warm and intimate styling with cream and pale orange colours with touches of red. Their dinner was decorated with a central garland of foliage, flowers and great pillar candles. Candles are perfect to create this cosy feeling and we put lots of around the house.

Minimalist organic wedding in country house

This set-up is all about organic. Decorations are in wood from a local talented supplier (Yulturn) and flowers are warm tones of orange, rust and black. This great styling was featured in the 2020 Annual International Wedding Trend Report.

Indoor neutral wedding in charming domain in South West France

This styling takes place in a charming country house between Toulouse and Carcassonne. We've gone for neutral and soothing tones, just what we need in these times of uncertainty. How about an intimate ceremony by the fire place?... Decorations come from this great wood turner again, Yulturn, because we just love the organic atmosphere it creates!

Wow in red! Impressive autumnal wedding styling

We did this styling a few years ago and we just can't get enough of it! We love the massive pampa grass suspension, and the metal tables decorated with a succession of cut glass and brass vases with various tones of red. So warm, heartwarming and stylish! This great styling was featured in the 2019 Annual International Wedding Trend Report.

Pretty Autumnal Bride...

We also remember fondly this gorgeous Autumnal Bride from 2017. Timeless beauty with these colors, in the corn fields. And how romantic is this first dance?...

Pink never gets old

Of course we love the warm tones of Autumn but pink will never get old! Any season of the year, we still love it! So here is a bit of inspiration from a soft styling of pink and cream flowers. And one thing I just love about Autumn is Dahlia! Is this flower not just gorgeous?!!

French chateau wedding

And we finish with this bright pink styling in this sumptuous chateau wedding.

So! How do we feel about Autumnal weddings? Are they not just gorgeous, warm and magical?! And South West France is just filled with sumptuous and charming chateaux so if you want to plan your wedding in South West France, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are here for you!

Awardweddings is a family business with husband and wife team. Clémentine is the destination wedding stylist and planner and Mark is a destination wedding photographer and film maker. We are based in Toulouse and can't wait to welcome you soon!


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