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Planning your destination micro wedding in France during Coronavirus

It’s the end of September 2020 and the government has just announced that weddings are limited to 30 guests again. We had a break between June and now but this may go on for the next few months so we’d better get used to it. And actually, even though it may not be what you originally intended, micro weddings are pretty cool! This pandemic has been putting a lot of things into questions, but shouldn’t we see it as an opportunity to throw all the usual traditions out and just do what we really want?!

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding comes between an elopement and 30 people. It would be your closest family and friends. It can be held at your home or a rented private venue. Venues in France can still welcome you as long as they follow the sanitary measures, so even though you may have some quarantine measures to follow, it is still possible to have a destination wedding in France during the COVID 19 pandemic. As many of you are working from home when you come back, it may not be so difficult to arrange actually. And this gives you more time as a newly married couple. So what’s not to like?!

Simple and beautiful

As you are having fewer guests, you will be able to do things in a simpler way. No need to worry about the complicated logistical arrangements, there is far less pressure and you can concentrate on what is really essential for you: the ceremony, a lovely meal and some memorable time with your nearest and dearest. It’s the time to create a celebration that really reflects your personality as a couple. It will only be more relaxed and special. So again, what’s not to like?!!

Micro wedding styling trends

We are all about elegant, yet relaxed styling. Whether you want something soothing for the soul or bright and fun, you can really make your wedding reflect your personality!

Something special for your guests

As you will have more time with your guests, it’s also the opportunity to organize activities around your wedding celebration, for example a private wine tasting. France is known for its vineyards and you can organize a small tour and tasting at a great vineyard or chateau in countless places in France.

At Awardweddings, we are based in Toulouse, South West France, and it is near the Pyrenees so you could even organize a walk in one of the splendid sites in the mountains, followed by a spa and a lovely meal enjoying gorgeous views. You could even organize a couple photo shoot with some spectacular scenery!

We are also close to several main cities where you can organize city tours such as Toulouse, Bordeaux, Carcassonne, etc… and not far from the West or South and East coast to enjoy the sea. The weather stays nice longer in South of France so you can enjoy all these places late into the year.

So even though the uncertainty is really tough to manage, we should not let it get to us. Now is the opportunity to concentrate on what is really important to you for your wedding and go for it! Having organized lots of intimate weddings for 30 people in the past, the atmosphere is always warm, cosy and so magical!


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