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Destination elopement in the Pyrenees mountains, France

If you have had enough with the uncertainty of planning a big wedding, why not elope or go for a micro wedding in the South of France? Much more manageable as there are not so many suppliers involved and it's less costly, this is a perfect way to celebrate your wedding with an amazing trip to the South of France!

South West of France is filled with amazing and varied scenery. From charming villages in countryside to rolling hills and scenic mountains, you have a wide choice here!

A few weeks ago, we planned and photographed this intimate celebration in the mountains, take a look!

An intimate and romantic wedding ceremony

Imagine just the two of you, surrounded by such beauty!

Followed by a lovely afternoon tea

A lovely table for two overlooking the view, and delicious French cakes and champagne...

And a couple shoot

It's all about you so take your time to enjoy some time for you only and get some memories to cherish for ever...

So if you fancy organising an intimate ceremony for the two of you, it doesn't have to be an elopement, it can just be a lovely trip if you havent had a chance to celebrate your wedding, or just to treat yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch! We have plenty of fantastic locations to recommend!


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