How to choose and create a style for your wedding? by Top Wedding Stylist in France

The styling of your wedding is an important part of the planning, regardless of whether you’ve got lots of inspiration or none. As a planner, I work on the styling once I’ve already booked all the key suppliers and have a good idea of the itinerary of the day.

Some couples have lots of inspiration, and some are not so sure how to tackle this area. It’s a big part of the wedding planning and requires a lot of little details. There are different ways to approach this. In this article, I’m going to share some of my experience and tips on how to choose and create a style for your wedding.

The overall style

The most important point is to create a harmonious style that goes with your venue and the kind of day you are planning. The type of your venue will be a good starting point for how the day will look like. If you’re getting married in a farmhouse, you’re more likely to have rustic or vintage decorations, whereas if you have booked a chateau, the style will be a bit more “fine art”.